Listening for Falling and Rising Intonation (AmE)

Audio for Falling and Rising Intonation

Audio by TriciaG,



Betty lives in \London.

Victor works at a \bank.

I haven't read this \book.

We went to the theater \yesterday.

Special questions

What is his \name?

Where does he \live?

When did you \call him?

Why are you \late?

General questions

Do you visit them /often?

Have you seen my /keys?

Are you ready to /start?

Could you give me a /pen, please?

Alternative questions

Do you want /coffee or \tea?

Does he speak /English or \German?

Tag questions

It's a beautiful \town, \isn't it?

She \knows him, /doesn't she?


\Stop it! Sit \down.

Close your \books.

Exclamatory sentences

What a wonderful \present!

How \nice of you!

Direct address

/Peter, can you /help me?

Mrs. /Smith, this is Mary \Brown.


/One, /two, /three, /four, \five.

She bought /bread, /cheese, /oranges, and \apples.

Introductory phrases

If he /calls, tell him about the \conference, please.

According to his /words, he was at \home.

(See Basic Word Order in the section Grammar and Falling Intonation and Rising Intonation in the section Phonetics.)