Listening for Intonation in Questions and Answers (AmE)

Audio for Intonation in Questions and Answers

Audio by Barry,


General questions

Do you want to /go there? – \Yes, I \do.

Did Anton call you /yesterday? – \No, he \didn't.

Have you seen my /glasses? – \Yes. They are in the \kitchen.

Are you going to wash the /car? – Maybe \later. I'm \tired now.

Could you open the /window, please? – \Sure. No \problem.

Can I borrow your /dictionary, please? – \Sorry. I \need it.

Special questions

Where does he \live? – He lives in New \York.

What did you \buy? – I bought /bread, /meat, /carrots, and \potatoes.

When will she come \back? – She'll be back in an \hour.

How often do you \visit them? – Every \Sunday.

Why was she \angry? – I don't \know.

Who told you \about it? – \ /Laura.

Alternative questions

Would you like /coffee or \tea? – \Coffee, please.

Did she go to /Italy or \France last year? – She went to \Italy.

Tag questions

Nice \weather, \isn't it? – It sure \is.

He can \drive, /can't he? – /No, he \can't.

She speaks \English, /doesn't she? – I \think so.

(See Word Order in Questions in the section Grammar and Falling Intonation and Rising Intonation in the section Phonetics.)