Everyday Idioms: Useful Short List

Разговорные идиомы: Полезный краткий список

Note: Read about this and other lists of idioms in the article Everyday Idioms Foreword in the section Idioms. (Прочитайте об этом и других списках идиом в статье Everyday Idioms Foreword в разделе Idioms.)

Idioms, with definitions or synonyms Examples Translation
all of a sudden - suddenly All of a sudden, he quit his job and left town. неожиданно
all the same - no difference If it's all the same to you, let's go there by bus. все равно; без разницы
as a rule - usually, generally As a rule, he goes for a walk after dinner. как правило
as for - in reference to As for me, I liked the book very much. As for the trip, let's talk about it tomorrow. что касается
at all - (not) in the smallest degree She doesn't speak English at all. совсем (не)
at this point - at this time At this point, we can't turn back. на данном этапе
be about to do something - be close to doing something I was about to leave when you called. быть готовым сделать что-то; собираться сделать что-то
be broke - have no money at all I spent all my money. I'm broke. быть без гроша; разориться
be in charge of something - be responsible for something He is in charge of marketing. быть ответственным за что-то
be in good health - be healthy She is in good health. иметь хорошее здоровье
be in poor health - be not healthy She is in poor health. иметь слабое здоровье
be in good shape - be physically fit He exercises regularly, and he is in good shape. быть в хорошей форме; быть в порядке
be in bad shape - be in bad state The patient is in bad shape. His affairs are in bad shape. быть в плохом состоянии, не в порядке, не в форме
be on one's way - be already on the way to some place I'm on my way. He is on his way; he'll be here in ten minutes. быть уже в пути куда-то
be out of date - be outdated This information is out of date. быть устаревшим
be to blame - be responsible for a mistake, for something wrong Who is to blame for this awful mistake? Tom is to blame for this mix-up. быть виноватым за ошибку, за неправильные действия
be used to something - be accustomed to something I'm used to hard work. He is used to hot weather. быть привычным к чему-то
by heart - by memorizing Learn this poem by heart for tomorrow. наизусть
by oneself (by myself, by himself, etc.) - alone; on one's own She likes to spend an evening by herself. He did it by himself. в одиночку; один
by the way - incidentally By the way, Ann is coming back today. кстати
come true - become reality His dream came true when he met Kate. осуществиться
do one's best - try very hard I did my best to help him in his work. сделать все возможное, все, что в силах
every now and then - occasionally Every now and then I visit my old aunt. время от времени
every other - every second one She washes her hair every other day. через один; каждый второй
fall in love - begin to love Tom fell in love with Sue at first sight. влюбиться
feel like doing something - want to do; be inclined to do something I feel like going for a walk. I don't feel like working now; I'd rather watch TV. быть склонным к занятию чем-то
for good - forever After her death he left town for good. навсегда
for the time being - for now; at this time For the time being, this house is all right for us. на данное время
from now on - since now From now on I forbid you to go there. впредь
get in touch with someone - contact someone Get in touch with Mr. Smith for help. связаться с кем-то
get lost - lose one's way She got lost in the old part of town. потеряться
get mixed up - get confused I got mixed up and went the wrong way. перепутать
get rid of something or someone - dispose of; discard He got rid of his old useless car. избавиться от чего-то или кого-то
get to the point - speak directly about the subject; come to the point Please get to the point. I don't have much time now. перейти к сути дела; начать говорить по существу
give someone a hand - help someone Can you give me a hand with cooking? помочь кому-то
give someone a lift; give someone a ride - take someone to some place by car Can you give me a lift to the bank? He gave her a ride in his new Porsche. подвезти кого-то куда-то
in advance - well before He told her about his plan in advance. заранее
in fact - actually; in reality In fact, he works as a manager here. фактически; в действительности
in general - generally; generally speaking In general, he likes to be alone. He described the place only in general. в общем; вообще; обычно
in other words - using other words In other words, you left her when she needed your help. другими словами
in time (to do something) - early enough; before something begins I came in time to have a cup of coffee before class. вовремя; заранее, чтобы успеть что-то до начала
it's time - should do it right away Hurry up. It's time to go. пора (сделать что-то)
It's worth it. It's not worth it. It's (not) worth buying, visiting, watching, etc. Watch this film, it's worth it. Don't buy this coat, it is not worth it. This museum is worth visiting. This film is not worth watching. оно того стоит; оно того не стоит; (не) стоит покупать, посещать, смотреть и т.д.
just in case - to be on the safe side Take a little more money, just in case. на всякий случай
Just my luck! - Bad luck! Hard luck! They lost my job application. Just my luck! Мне всегда не везет!
keep in mind - bear in mind; consider; remember Keep in mind that he may not like this idea. иметь в виду; учитывать; помнить
keep in touch - keep in contact by calling, visiting, etc. Good-by! Keep in touch! держаться в контакте
keep one's word - fulfill a promise You promised to help me. Keep your word. сдержать слово; выполнить обещание
let it go - forget bad experience; return to normal life You can't change anything, so let it go. забыть, освободиться от тяжелого переживания
let someone know - inform someone Let me know if you need anything else. известить кого-то
little by little - step by step; gradually Little by little, they saved enough money to buy a car. понемногу, постепенно
lose one's way - get lost I lost my way. Can you help me? потерять дорогу
make friends - become friends Anton makes new friends easily. подружиться
make fun of someone or something - laugh at; joke about He made fun of her German accent. высмеивать кого-то или что-то
make sense - be logical What you say makes sense. иметь смысл
make up one's mind - decide Will you go there? Make up your mind. принять решение
Make yourself at home. - Be comfortable; feel at home. Come in, please. Make yourself at home. Будьте как дома.
never mind - don't worry about it; it's not important I'm sorry. I lost your book. - Never mind. неважно; не беспокойтесь об этом
not to mention - in addition to We have three dogs, not to mention two cats. не говоря уже о
no wonder - not surprising He ate three big fish. No wonder he is sick. неудивительно, что
on credit - not having to pay cash right away He bought a new car on credit. в кредит
on guard - on the alert He is always cautious and on guard. настороже, начеку
on hand - available Do you have a calculator on hand? под рукой
on one's own (on my own, on your own, on his own, etc.) - alone; by oneself She likes to live and work on her own. I decided to do it on my own. в одиночку; один; самостоятельно
on purpose - intentionally I didn't do it on purpose. It just happened so. нарочно; с целью
on second thought - after thinking again I'd like to sit on the aisle. On second thought, I'd like a window seat. подумав; по зрелом размышлении
on the alert - on guard He is always cautious and on the alert. настороже, начеку; бдительный, внимательный
on the other hand - considering the other side of the question I'd like to have a dog. On the other hand, my wife likes cats. с другой стороны
on time - punctually; at the specified time Jim is always on time. вовремя; в назначенное время
out of the question - impossible Paying him is out of the question! не может быть и речи
pay attention - be attentive Pay attention to his words. обратить внимание
right away - immediately It's very important to do it right away. сразу же, немедленно
so far - up to now So far, I have read five books by Stephen King. до сих пор; пока; к настоящему моменту
take a break - stop for rest Let's take a break. I'm tired. сделать перерыв для отдыха
take care of someone or something - look after; see that something is done properly Can you take care of my dog while I'm away? Tom takes good care of his car. позаботиться о ком-то или чем-то; присмотреть за
take into account - consider something You must take into account her old age and poor health. принять во внимание
take it easy - relax; be calm Take it easy. Everything will be OK. не волнуйся, успокойся
take part in something - participate in something Mary is going to take part in the show. принять участие в чем-то
take place - happen The accident took place on Oak Street. иметь место, случиться
take time - take a long time It takes time to get used to a new place. занять много времени
take turns - alternate doing something one after another We went to Minsk by car. We didn't get tired because we took turns driving. делать по очереди; меняться местами
That's just the point. - That's it. That's just the point! I hate this job! В этом-то и дело.
that will do - it's enough Stop reading. That will do for now. достаточно
under the weather - feeling a little ill, a little unwell I'm a little under the weather today. немного нездоровится
up to date - modern, latest, current His reports are always up to date. современный, с современными данными
used to do something - did something regularly in the past but not now He used to live on Maple Street. I used to play the piano when I was in school. в прошлом обычно делал это, но теперь нет
What's the matter? - What is it? What's the matter? What happened? В чем дело?
would rather - prefer I'd rather stay at home today. предпочитать