Ex. 8: BE with Adjectives

Choose the most appropriate answer.

1. This city is famous       its museums and art galleries. (Correct)(Incorrect)

This city is famous for its museums and art galleries. (Correct)

2. Her face was pale       fright. (Correct)(Incorrect)

Her face was pale with fright. (Correct)

3. He was ashamed       his cheap clothes. (Correct)(Incorrect)

He was ashamed of his cheap clothes. (Correct)

4. Her story is different       your story. (Correct)(Incorrect)

Her story is different from your story. (Correct)

5. He is envious       her success. (Correct)(Incorrect)

He is envious of her success. (Correct)

6. People are responsible       their actions. (Correct)(Incorrect)

People are responsible for their actions. (Correct)

7. She is confident       good results. (Correct)(Incorrect)

She is confident of good results. (Correct)

8. What are you interested       ? (Correct)(Incorrect)

What are you interested in ? (Correct)

9. He is accustomed       hot weather. (Correct)(Incorrect)

He is accustomed to hot weather. (Correct)

10. She is worried       her son's health. (Correct)(Incorrect)

She is worried about her son's health. (Correct)

Your result: 00% correct.