Ex. 10: Transitive and Intransitive Verbs

Choose the most appropriate answer according to the task in parentheses.

1. He lives      . (Transitive verb) (Correct)(Incorrect)

He lives a quiet life. (Transitive verb) (Correct)

2. He forgot      . (Intransitive verb) (Correct)(Incorrect)

He forgot about it. (Intransitive verb) (Correct)

3. She made      . (Intransitive verb) (Correct)(Incorrect)

She made sure the door was locked. (Intransitive verb) (Correct)

4. He left      . (Transitive verb) (Correct)(Incorrect)

He left a message for her. (Transitive verb) (Correct)

5. He gave      . (Intransitive verb) (Correct)(Incorrect)

He gave in without a fight. (Intransitive verb) (Correct)

6. The      . (Transitive verb) (Correct)(Incorrect)

The teacher has changed the task. (Transitive verb) (Correct)

7. Did      ? (Intransitive verb) (Correct)(Incorrect)

Did the plane take off on time? (Intransitive verb) (Correct)

8. Please      . (Transitive verb) (Correct)(Incorrect)

Please tell me the truth. (Transitive verb) (Correct)

9. He      . (Intransitive verb) (Correct)(Incorrect)

He worked there. (Intransitive verb) (Correct)

10. They      . (Transitive verb) (Correct)(Incorrect)

They showed us his letters. (Transitive verb) (Correct)

Your result: 00% correct.