Spelling Names on the Phone

Произнесение имен по буквам по телефону


When it's necessary to spell names or difficult words on the telephone, speakers use widely known names and words to illustrate the letters in the words that they spell. Military and aviation personnel use a different list of words to illustrate the letters of the words that they spell. The table below shows the traditional list of names, other typical variants, and the list used by the military and in aviation.


Когда нужно продиктовать по телефону имена или трудные слова по буквам, говорящие используют широко известные имена и слова для пояснения букв в словах, которые они диктуют по буквам. Военный и авиационный персонал используют другой список слов для пояснения букв в словах, которые они диктуют по буквам. В таблице ниже приведены традиционный список имен, другие типичные варианты, и список, который используется военными и в авиации.



Traditional List Variants Military and Aviation List
A Alice Adams, Adam, Anna Alpha
B Bertha Boston, Boy Bravo
C Charles Chicago, Charlie Charlie
D David Denver, Dog, Dixie Delta
E Edward Easy Echo
F Frank Freddie, Fox Foxtrot
G George George Golf
H Henry Harry, How Hotel
I Ida Ida India
J James John Juliet
K Kate King Kilo
L Lewis Lincoln, Love Lima
M Mary Mother Mike
N Nellie New York, Nick, Nora November
O Oliver Ocean, Orange Oscar
P Peter Peter Papa
Q Quaker Queen Quebec
R Robert Roger, Richard, Radio Romeo
S Samuel Sugar, Sam Sierra
T Thomas Tom, Tommy Tango
U Utah Union, Uncle Uniform
V Victor Vic Victor
W William William Whisky
X X-ray X-ray X-ray
Y Young Young, Yoke Yankee
Z Zebra Zero Zulu



My name is Alexey Tumanov.

How do you spell your last name, please?

That's T as in Thomas, U as in Utah, M as in Mary, A as in Alice, N as in Nellie, O as in Oscar, V as in Victor. That's Tumanov.

How do you spell your first name, please?

That's A as in Alice, L as in Lewis, E as in Edward, X as in X-ray, E as in Edward, Y as in Young. That's Alexey.


My name is Anastasia Roschina.

How do you spell your name, please?

That's R as in Robert, O as in Oliver, S as in Samuel, C as in Charles, H as in Henry, I as in Ida, N as in Nellie, A as in Alice. That's Roschina.


My last name is Krossman, with a K and double S.

Can you spell the name of your company, please?

It's Muzfond. That's M-U-Z-F-O-N-D. [em-yu:-zi:-ef-ou-en-di:]

Can you spell it again, please?

That's Mary-Union-Zero-Frank-Oliver-Nick-David. Muzfond.


What is the name of your company again?

It's Tekhmir. That's T as in Tom, E as in Edward, K as in Kate, H as in Harry, M as in Mike, I as in India, R as in Robert.