Places in the City

Cities and towns

city; town; capital; metropolis; village; hamlet; settlement; port; resort;

health resort; seaside resort; winter resort; mountain resort; ski resort;

big city; large city; small town; densely populated city;

city center; downtown; suburb; outskirts; slums; ghetto;

region; district; neighborhood; borough; block; city limits;

residential district; residential area (neighborhood; quarter); industrial quarter;

place; location; site; locality; vicinity; environment; surroundings.

Streets and roads

street; road; avenue; alley; boulevard; lane; drive; route; thoroughfare;

main street; side street; back street; by-street (bystreet); one-way street; blind alley;

main road; side road; crossroad; back road; byroad; byway; bypass;

country road; dirt road; paved road; path; track; trail; passage; driveway;

highway; speedway; expressway; freeway; parkway; causeway; turnpike;

limited-access road; toll road; two-lane road; four-lane road;

autobahn; motorway; superhighway.

Parts of streets and roads

fast lane; left lane; slow lane; right lane; breakdown lane; bicycle lane; bicycle path;

intersection; crossroads; junction; traffic light; red light; yellow light; green light;

pedestrian crossing; zebra crossing; crosswalk; sidewalk; pavement; walkway;

street corner; overpass; underpass; traffic circle; bridge; tunnel.

Bus stop, parking lot, etc.

bus stop; bus station; bus terminal; taxi stop; subway station; subway entrance;

parking lot; curb parking; to park at the curb; parking meter; garage;

train station; railroad station; railway station; airport;

gas station; filling station; petrol station.

Houses, buildings

house; small house; large house; brick house; brownstone; wooden house;

apartment house; block of flats (BrE); residential building;

three-story house; four-storied house; multistory building;

row house; cottage; cabin; bungalow; hut; lodge; log cabin;

castle; palace; villa; estate; mansion; manor house; fortress;

town house; country house; summer house; farmhouse; ranch house;

office building; concrete-steel building; glass building; brick building;

skyscraper; high rise; tower; elevator building; walk-up (walk-up building).

Miscellaneous buildings

school; hospital; supermarket; department store; restaurant; hotel;

bank; post office; museum; library; movie theater; factory; plant;

police department; fire department; city hall; town hall; prison; jail;

church; cathedral; temple; chapel; mosque; synagogue.

Places of interest and entertainment

to go sightseeing; to see the sights; to visit scenic sites; to visit places of interest;

tourist attractions; cultural attractions; scenic attractions; major attractions;

historical places; historic places; historical sites; historic sites; historic landmarks;

art gallery; art museum; museum of art; science museum; exhibition; showroom;

monument; memorial; square; plaza; park; garden; botanical garden;

zoo; zoological garden; aviary; wildlife refuge; nature reserve; planetarium;

aquarium; marine park; water park; aquapark; amusement park;

concert hall; opera house; theater; movie theater; cinema; circus;

dancing hall; disco; discotheque; night club.

Tourist information places

tourist information center; visitors center; visitors bureau;

travel agency; tourist agency.

Hotels and other accommodation

hotel; inn; motel; lodge; youth hostel; residential hotel;

lodging; lodgings; lodging house; rooming house;

guesthouse (guest house); country inn; camping area; campsite;

boardinghouse (boarding house); bed and board; bed and breakfast;

deluxe hotel; luxury hotel; five-star hotel; four-star hotel; three-star hotel;

downtown hotel; small hotel; large hotel; old hotel; rundown hotel;

expensive hotel; moderate hotel; inexpensive hotel; cheap hotel;

hotel amenities; hotel facilities; business center; restaurant; playground;

fitness facilities; exercise facilities; fitness center; exercise room; swimming pool.

Restaurants, bars

restaurant; cafeteria; cafe; lunchroom; luncheonette; coffee shop; tearoom; snack bar;

eating place; eating house; diner; eatery; canteen; grillroom; pizzeria; milk bar;

French restaurant; Italian restaurant; Chinese restaurant; Mexican restaurant;

seafood restaurant; fish restaurant; fast food restaurant (fast-food restaurant);

hotel restaurant; a la carte restaurant; self-service restaurant; family restaurant;

bar; barroom; cocktail lounge; pub; tavern; saloon.


bank; central bank; savings bank; commercial bank; nearest bank;

ATM (automatic teller machine); cash machine; currency exchange;

electronic banking; online banking.

Shopping places

shopping center; shopping mall; department store; shoe store; computer store; bookstore;

supermarket; grocery store; food store; food market; farmers' market; bakery;

fair; annual fair; book fair; trade fair; trade center;

market; market place; flower market; flea market; bazaar;

newsstand; fruit stand; street vendor.

Sports facilities

health club; fitness center; gym; tennis club; golf club; country club;

sports area; recreation area; sports ground; playground; campground;

football ground; basketball ground; tennis court; golf course;

swimming pool; skating rink; boxing ring; wrestling ring; racetrack; racecourse;

football field; stadium; sports arena.

Health facilities

hospital; clinic; polyclinic; health center; hospital clinic; dental clinic; the dentist's;

outpatient clinic; outpatients' department; ambulatory surgical center; surgery department;

waiting room; consulting room; hospital ward; emergency room; operating room; the ambulance;

maternity hospital; maternity home; nursing home; pharmacy; drugstore.

Educational facilities

nursery school; kindergarten; elementary school; high school;

school; college; institute; university; academy; medical school; law school;

business school; vocational school; trade school; technical school; music school;

library; campus; dormitory; day-care center; day camp; summer camp.

Hair care, skin care

hair salon; hairdresser's; barber shop;

beauty parlor; beauty salon; beauty shop;

massage parlor; solarium.


rental agency; car rental; bicycle rental; video rental;

real estate agency; house rental; apartment rental.

Services and repair

laundry; laundromat; dry cleaner's;

automobile repair shop; auto repair shop; car repair shop; service station; garage;

bicycle repair shop; computer repair shop; home repair shop; locksmith's shop.

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