Victor | 23.02.19

Спасибо огромное! Ваш сайт самый замечательный! Нам, взрослым, он сильно помогает в изучении этого языка уже на протяжении многих лет. Иной раз даже одно предложение на вес золота!


Спасибо за такой положительный отзыв о сайте. Мы рады, что наш сайт вам помогает.

Анна | 15.12.18

Огромное спасибо за такой ресурс, здесь есть все, что нужно! Большая мне помощь!


Пожалуйста. Мы рады, что наш сайт вам помогает.

Michael | 21.03.18

Wow. What a fantastic site. This must have been a lot of work to put together. Thank you for helping me to become a better teacher. Michael


You are welcome. We are glad that you find our site useful.

Gulya | 20.12.17

Spasibo vam bolshoe za takoi sait, ochen chasto zakhoju, chtob uluchshat svoi angliskiy.


You are welcome. Try writing in English – it will help you to improve your writing skills.

Alexandre | 3.12.17

Dear Anna and Galina, I've been an ESL teacher here in Brazil since 1994, and once in a while I visit your site. I first started with your info on numbers, which you did very well, I mean, covered the basics with enough information to point out the important aspects of numbers. And for that I thank you. Today I saw some tips on helping the little ones, and ended up looking around and observing a lot of things like your clear explanations of SAY, TELL, SPEAK, TALK. So, thank you for your great articles. Alexandre


You are welcome. We are glad that you find our site useful. And thank you for your kind words.

Ольга | 5.11.17

Спасибо, коллеги. Что бы я ни добавила, этого будет мало. Поэтому просто СПАСИБО!


Пожалуйста. Мы рады, что наш сайт вам помогает.

Лариса | 9.07.17

Дорогие Галина, Анна и Геннадий! Самый лучший учебный сайт по английскому ever! Спасибо огромное!


Пожалуйста. Спасибо за столь лестный отзыв о сайте.

Lisa | 6.07.17

Thanks very much for the phonetics lectures.


You are welcome. Do you mean the materials in the section Phonetics?

Olga | 28.01.17

Thank you very much! Good site and good professors.


You're welcome.

Gabby | 19.11.16

Hello, in my opinion pronunciation and language are important and useful, listening is the best way to learn more English because we practice at the same time listening and pronunciation.


You are right. You can find listening materials in the sections Phonetics, Phrases and Kids.

Marina | 20.10.16

Hi! I just wanted to say what an amazing job you have done creating this site. My family moved to Australia from Ukraine when I was 9, so English is my "better" language considering I went to school, uni and so on here in Australia.

Recently my nephew came from Russia to stay with us for a few months and I found it extremely difficult trying to explain to him that translating word for word from English to Russian will make no sense when trying to read a book. Anyway cutting long story short, I came across your website today by accident and I cannot wait to get home and show my nephew this site so that he can understand what I'm trying to explain to him in more depth. Again you have done an amazing job!


We are glad that you find our site useful. You are right about word-for-word translation from English into Russian – in many cases it will make no sense or may be incorrect, especially when translating literary texts full of idioms and set expressions.

Ludmila | 27.09.16

Здравствуйте! Большое спасибо Вам за то, что Вы всегда своевременно даете полные и обстоятельные ответы на все присланные Вам вопросы. Это очень большой труд, который просто неоценим.


Пожалуйста. Мы всегда рады помочь изучающим язык.

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Hello. I like your site. Thank you for translating and explaining songs.


You are welcome. We are glad that you like our site.

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What a wonderful site! It represents a great commitment, much passion, and a lot of hard work. Thank you!


You are welcome. And thank you for your kind words.

Michael | 18.02.16

I wanted to write a note to thank you. I currently do a language and cultural exchange with 5 Korean students. They all have different proficiencies in English but all have fairly bad pronunciation. I was struggling to help them until I found your website. While it is made for Russian students, many of the same problems occur with Korean to English. The materials on your site have helped me to help them. They are all doing a lot better now and I am confident that they will all pass the IELTS test. So from myself and my students, thank you so much!


You are welcome. We are very glad that our site has been useful for you and your students.

Meltem | 21.10.15

Dear Galina, Anna and Gennadiy, I just wanted to thank you for your website. Your site is very cool and really helpful. I wish all of you the best in your life. Thank you very much!


You are welcome. We are glad that you find our site useful.

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I have been really impressed by the wealth of information on your site. Congratulations!


We are glad that you find our site useful.

Evgeny | 21.05.15

Здравствуйте. Меня зовут Евгений. Спасибо за проделанную работу. Сайт в понятной форме объясняет многие аспекты английского языка. Я же пишу вам, чтобы сообщить о возможной опечатке. Grammar, The Verb DO, DO for emphasis, строка: "He wasn't he invited. – That's not true. He was invited." Мне показалось, что в первом предложении второе "he" лишнее.


Конечно опечатка. Убрала лишнее "he". Спасибо за ваше замечание.

Юлия | 5.10.14

Просто ОЧЕНЬ БОЛЬШОЕ спасибо. Это один из самых полных толковых, упорядоченных и user friendly ресурсов, которые мне встречались. Гигантская работа проделана. Восторг и уважение!


Спасибо за ваш отзыв о сайте. Мы рады, что наш сайт помогает вам в изучении английского языка.

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Amazing job! Congratulations. Best wishes from Mexico!


Thank you. We are glad that you find our site useful.