Jobs and Professions


president, vice-president, executive officer (CEO);

director, deputy director, managing director, financial director, marketing director;

general manager, assistant manager, manager;

personnel manager, production manager, marketing manager, sales manager, project manager;

supervisor, inspector;


office clerk, receptionist, secretary, typist, stenographer;


banker, bank officer, accountant, bookkeeper, economist, teller, cashier, auditor;


doctor, physician, family doctor, general practitioner;

eye specialist, ear specialist, throat specialist, heart specialist;

cardiologist, surgeon, pediatrician, psychiatrist, dentist, dietician, pharmacist, veterinarian;

nurse, paramedic;


chef, head cook, cook;

maitre d', headwaiter, waiter, waitress, bartender, barman;

Sales and stores

sales representative, sales manager;

salesperson, salesman, saleswoman, salesgirl, salesclerk, cashier;

seller, buyer, wholesale buyer, wholesaler, retailer, distributor, advertising agent;

Art and creative work

musician, composer, singer, dancer;

artist, painter, sculptor, architect;

film director, producer, art director, actor, actress, cameraman;

writer, author, playwright, dramatist, scenarist;

journalist, reporter, correspondent, photographer;

designer, fashion designer, dress designer, interior designer, furniture designer, graphic designer;

School and college

principal, dean, professor, teacher, student, pupil;

schoolteacher, college teacher, university teacher; head teacher, senior teacher;

English teacher, history teacher, maths teacher (BrE), math teacher (AmE), music teacher;


engineer, technician, mechanic;

builder, construction worker, repairer;

welder, bricklayer, mason, carpenter, plumber, painter;


scientist, scholar, researcher, explorer;

mathematician, physicist, chemist, biologist, astronomer;

historian, archeologist, economist, philosopher, psychologist;

Law and order

judge, lawyer, attorney, legal adviser;

police officer, policeman, traffic officer, detective;

guard, bodyguard;


expert, specialist, analyst, consultant, adviser;

computer programmer, computer operator; systems analyst, software specialist;

web developer, web programmer, webmaster, web designer;

pilot, flight engineer, flight navigator, flight attendant, stewardess;

driver, taxi driver, bus driver, truck driver; car mechanic;

firefighter, librarian, farmer, tailor, model, politician, priest, travel agent;

hairdresser, hairstylist, barber, beautician, cosmetologist;

cleaning lady, cleaning woman, janitor;

Places of work

office, agency, company, firm, plant, factory, hospital, hotel, school, shop.

Describing a job

a job in electronics, a teaching job, a position as secretary;

an interesting job, a boring job, a good job, a difficult job, a challenging job;

a well-paid job, a highly paid job, a low-paid job, a badly paid job;

a full-time job, a part-time job, a permanent job, a temporary job.

Related terms

to hire, to fire, to quit one's job;

unemployed, jobless; to look for a job; to apply for a job;

letter of application for a job, resume, CV, interview;

contract, work agreement;

employer, employee, staff member; to be on staff;

temporary worker, freelance worker, freelancer, season worker;

to work full-time, to work part-time, to have a part-time job, to work overtime;

pay, wages, salary, income, bonus, tips;

to be paid by the hour, to be paid by the month;

monthly pay, weekly pay, hourly pay, yearly pay, annual pay;

gross pay, net pay, take-home pay, overtime pay;

taxes, expenses, deductions;

fringe benefits, sick leave, maternity leave, holiday, vacation, pension plan;

medical insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, life insurance;

She gets ten dollars an hour. She is paid ten dollars an hour. Her hourly pay is ten dollars.

He gets two thousand dollars a month. His monthly pay is two thousand dollars.

They get twenty-three thousand dollars a year. Their annual pay is twenty-three thousand dollars.

His salary is thirty-four thousand dollars a year.

Related phrases

What do you do? What business are you in?

I am a teacher. I am a car dealer. I am a freelance writer.

I am a sales representative. I sell computers.

I work as a psychologist. I work as a stockbroker.

I work at a bank. I work at a small travel agency.

I work at a hotel. I work at a transportation company.

I work for a newspaper. I work for a film company.

I am in real estate. I am in advertising.

I have a small business of my own.

I am a homemaker. I work at home.

I am unemployed at the moment. I am looking for a job right now.

I am looking for a job in marketing. I am looking for a job as a driver.

I am seeking a position as librarian. I am seeking a position as office clerk.

He is looking for a place as a housekeeper. She is looking for a place as a cook.

I'd like to apply for a job. I'd like to apply for the position of shop assistant.

He was offered the position of salesclerk. She has a position as cashier.

Note: work, job, position, profession, occupation

work (работа, труд любого характера) – I have a lot of work today. He is at work now. My work is very interesting. What work do you do?

job (работа, должность, оплачиваемый наёмный труд) – He lost his job last month. Do you like your new job? She wants to change her job.

position (положение, должность, место) – How long did you work in your previous position?

profession (профессия) – The profession of a doctor requires a lot of training. He is a lawyer by profession.

occupation (занятие, профессия) – Write your name, age and occupation on this line. What is his occupation?