A List of Useful Verbs

This material contains two lists of English verbs for practicing spelling. The lists contain regular and irregular verbs in alphabetical order. The verbs in the lists are written according to American spelling. British variant of spelling is also indicated (if different).

The first list (List 1) contains useful, frequently used verbs with relatively easy spelling; it is advisable to practice writing these verbs first.

The second list (List 2) includes the verbs from the first list, as well as many other useful verbs that are used more or less frequently in speech and writing. Some of the verbs in the second list are more formal in character, and their spelling is more difficult to memorize. It is best of all to memorize spelling together with pronunciation.

Helpful materials in the section Writing: Adding the Endings ed, ing to Verbs; Irregular Verbs; British and American Spelling.

Данный материал содержит два списка английских глаголов для тренировки написания. Списки содержат правильные и неправильные глаголы в алфавитном порядке. Глаголы в списках написаны согласно американскому правописанию. Британский вариант написания также указан (если отличается).

Первый список (List 1) содержит полезные, часто употребляемые глаголы с относительно лёгким написанием; желательно сначала тренироваться в написании этих глаголов.

Второй список (List 2) включает в себя глаголы из первого списка, а также многие другие полезные глаголы, которые более или менее часто употребляются в устной и письменной речи. Некоторые глаголы во втором списке имеют более официальный характер, и их написание труднее запомнить. Лучше всего запоминать написание вместе с произношением.

Полезные материалы в разделе Writing: Adding the Endings ed, ing to Verbs; Irregular Verbs; British and American Spelling.

List 1: Verbs for practicing spelling

accept, accuse, achieve, act, add, admit, advise, afford, agree, allow, answer, appear, arrive, ask, assume, avoid;

be, beat, become, beg, begin, behave, believe, belong, bend, bet, blame, blow, borrow, break, bring, brush, build, burn, buy;

call, care, carry, catch, cause, change, check, choose, clean, close, collect, come, connect, consist, control, cook, correct, cost, count, cover, create, cross, cry, cure, cut;

dance, dare, decide, defend, demand, deny, depend, describe, design, develop, die, disturb, divide, do, doubt, dream, dress, drink, drive, drop, dry;

earn, eat, educate, elect, end, enjoy, enter, excuse, exist, expect, explain, express;

fail, fall, fear, feel, fight, fill, find, finish, fit, fix, fly, follow, forbid, forget, forgive, form, free, frighten, fry;

gain, gather, get, give, go, graduate, grip, grow, guess, guide;

happen, hate, have, hear, help, hide, hint, hit, hold, hope, hurry, hurt;

identify, ignore, imagine, imitate, impress, include, indicate, inform, inquire, insist, intend, invent, invest, invite;

join, joke, judge, jump; keep, kick, kill, kiss, knock, know;

laugh, lay, lead, learn, leave, lend, let, lie, like, limit, listen, live, lock, look, lose, love;

mail, make, manage, mark, marry, mean, meet, mention, mind, miss, mix, move;

name, need, nod, note, notice; offer, open, order, organize (BrE organize, organise), own;

pack, pass, pause, pay, permit, phone, pick, plan, play, post, prefer, prepare, prevent, produce, prohibit, promise, protect, prove, provide, publish, pull, punish, push, put;

rain, raise, reach, read, realize (BrE realize, realise), receive, refuse, relax, rely, remain, remember, remind, repair, repeat, reply, rest, return, ride, ring, rise, run;

satisfy, save, say, search, see, seem, select, sell, send, separate, set, shake, shine, shop, shout, show, sign, sing, sit, sleep, slip, smell, smile, smoke, speak, spend, spoil, spread, stand, start, stay, step, stop, strike, study, suffer, suggest, surprise, swim;

take, talk, taste, teach, tear, tell, thank, think, throw, tie, tip, touch, train, translate, travel, treat, tremble, trust, turn, try, type;

understand, unite, use; visit, vote; wait, walk, want, warn, wash, watch, wear, win, wish, work, worry, write.

List 2: Verbs for practicing spelling

Note: Verbs with the suffix IZE may be with IZE or ISE in BrE (e.g., AmE apologize – BrE apologize, apologise).

accept, accompany, accomplish, accumulate, accuse, achieve, act, add, address, admit, adopt, advertise, advise, afford, agree, aim, allow, amuse, analyze (BrE analyse), announce, annoy, answer;

apologize, appear, apply, appoint, appreciate, approve, argue, arrange, arrest, arrive, ask, assume, astonish, attach, attack, attend, attract, avoid, award;

bake, bark, be, bear, beat, become, beg, begin, behave, believe, belong, bend, benefit, bet, betray, bind, bite, blame, bleed, block, bloom, blow, blush, board, boast, boil, borrow, bother, brace, break, breathe, bring, brush, build, burn, burst, bury, buy;

call, calculate, camp, cancel, care, carry, cash, catch, cause, celebrate, change, characterize, charge, check, cheer, chew, choose, claim, clarify, classify, clean, clear, close, coincide, collect, come, command, compare, compete, complain, complete;

conceal, concern, confirm, confuse, congratulate, connect, conquer, consider, consist, consult, consume, contact, contain, continue, contradict, contribute, control, convince, cook, copy, correct, cost, cough, count, cover, crash, crawl, create, criticize, cross, crush, cry, cure, cut;

damage, dance, dare, deal, deceive, decide, declare, decline, decorate, dedicate, defeat, defend, define, defy, delay, deliver, demand, demonstrate, deny, depart, depend, deposit, describe, deserve, design, despise, destroy, detain, determine, develop, devote;

dial, dictate, die, diet, differ, diminish, dine, direct, disagree, disappear, disappoint, discover, discuss, display, distinguish, distribute, disturb, dive, divide, divorce, do, donate, doubt, drain, draw, dread, dream, dress, drink, drip, drive, drop, drown, dry;

earn, eat, economize, educate, elect, embarrass, embrace, emigrate, employ, enable, encourage, end, endure, enjoy, enter, enumerate, envy, escape, establish, estimate, evaluate, exaggerate, examine, exchange, excite, excuse, exercise, exhibit, exist, expect, expire, explain, explode, explore, express, extend;

face, fail, fall, fascinate, fasten, fear, feed, feel, fight, fill, find, finish, fit, fix, flash, flow, fly, fold, follow, forbid, force, forget, forgive, form, free, freeze, frighten, fry, fulfill (BrE fulfil), furnish;

gain, gather, gaze, get, give, glance, go, graduate, grant, grasp, greet, grin, grind, grip, grow, guess, guide, guarantee, guard;

handle, hang, happen, hate, have, hear, heat, help, hesitate, hide, hint, hire, hit, hold, hope, horrify, humiliate, hunt, hurry, hurt;

identify, ignore, illustrate, imagine, imitate, immigrate, imply, impress, improve, include, increase, indicate, influence, inform, inherit, injure, inquire, insist, inspect, inspire, install, insult, intend, intensify, interfere, interpret, introduce, intrude, invent, invest, invite, involve, irritate;

join, joke, judge, jump, justify; keep, kick, kill, kiss, knock, know;

lack, land, laugh, lay, lead, leak, leap, learn, leave, lend, let, lick, lie, lift, light, like, limit, link, listen, live, load, locate, lock, look, lose, love;

mail, make, manage, mark, marry, match, mean, meet, melt, memorize, mention, merge, mind, miss, mix, motivate, move, multiply, mystify;

name, need, negotiate, nod, nominate, normalize, note, notice, notify;

obey, object, oblige, observe, obtain, occupy, occur, offend, offer, omit, open, operate, oppose, order, organize, originate, owe, own;

pack, paint, panic, paralyze (BrE paralyse), participate, pass, pause, pay, penetrate, permit, persuade, phone, pick, place, plan, plant, play, please, point, polish, possess, post, postpone, pour;

practice (AmE), practise (BrE), praise, pray, predict, prefer, prepare, press, pretend, prevent, process, produce, profit, prohibit, promise, pronounce, propose, protect, prove, provide, provoke, publish, pull, punish, push, put;

qualify, quarrel, question, quit, quote;

race, rain, raise, reach, react, read, realize, receive, recognize, record, reduce, refer, refuse, regard, register, regret, reject, relax, release, relieve, rely, remain, remark, remember, remind, remove, rent;

repair, repeat, replace, reply, report, represent, require, reserve, resign, resist, respect, respond, rest, resume, return, reveal, review, revolve, reward, ride, ring, rise, risk, roast, roll, rotate, rub, ruin, run, rush;

sail, satisfy, save, say, scan, scare, search, see, seem, select, sell, send, sense, separate, serve, set, settle, shake, share, shave, shine, shock, shop, shoot, shorten, shout, show, shut, sigh, sign, simplify, sing, sink, sit, skate, ski, sleep, slice, slip, smash, smell, smile, smoke, sneeze, solve, sound;

speak, specialize, specify, spell, spend, spin, spit, spoil, spread, stand, stare, start, stay, steal, step, stop, strain, stress, stretch, strike, struggle, study, submit, subscribe, substitute, succeed, sue, suffer, suggest, suit, supply, support, suppose, surprise, surround, suspect, swallow, swim, sympathize;

take, talk, tap, taste, teach, tear, tell, terrify, terrorize, test, thank, think, threaten, throw, tie, tip, toast, tolerate, toss, touch, tour, train, transfer, translate, travel, treat, tremble, trouble, trust, try, tune, turn, type;

understand, undo, unite, urge, use, utter; value, vary, verify, view, violate, visit, vote, volunteer;

wait, wake, walk, want, warn, wash, waste, watch, wear, weigh, whisper, whistle, win, wind, wipe, wish, withdraw, wonder, work, worry, wrap, write;

yawn, yell, yield; zip, zoom.