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About Myself Audio

Audio by Barry,


My name is Victor.

I'm twenty-two years old.

I'm not married.

I was born in a small town near Moscow.

My family moved to Moscow when I was ten.

We live on a quiet street near a nice park.

My father is an engineer.

He works at a large transportation company.

My mother is a schoolteacher.

She teaches mathematics.

I have a younger sister. Her name is Natasha.

Natasha is a medical student. She wants to be a doctor.

I graduated from school in 2005.

I studied accounting for two years at a technical school.

Now I work as an accountant in a department store.

My work is difficult, but I like it.

My workplace is not very far from home.

It takes me about twenty minutes to get there.

I have English classes three times a week.

I want to speak English very well, so I study hard.

On weekends, I visit friends and relatives, go to a concert, or just stay home and relax.

My hobbies are classical music and reading.

I also like swimming.

I go to the swimming pool every Saturday.

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