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Audio At a Restaurant

Audio by Barry,



I'd like orange juice, hot rolls with butter and honey, and coffee with cream, please.

Grapefruit juice, cheese omelet, toast, strawberry jam, and tea with lemon, please.

Cornflakes with milk, please, and a cup of coffee.


I'd like a hamburger, French fries, green salad, and black coffee, please.

A bowl of mushroom soup, please, chicken salad, and a cup of green tea.

A glass of tomato juice and a slice of home-made pizza, please.


We'd like a table for two, please.

Are you ready to order?

Yes, please. I'd like grilled fish with steamed vegetables, and a bottle of beer.

Roast beef, baked potato, green salad, and a piece of apple pie for dessert.

Would you like something to drink?

Mineral water, please.

What salad dressing would you like?

No dressing, thank you.

How would you like your coffee?

A little milk but no sugar.

Black, please.


Waiter! The check, please.

The food was delicious. Thank you very much.

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